Harlequin Raven's Dragon Cave Wishlist

General Policies
I give away a lot of my eggs and am happy to breed most of my 2nd gen pairs (other than my 2nd gen prizes, which often have a waitlist) for you. PM me to inquire. :)

If you are looking for what lineages I can offer you, please go to the bottom of this page and view my screencaptured lineage images.

General Rarity List
This is subject to change with demand so may not always be 100% accurate, but this is based on the Rare Trading Bazaar list (of which I am a moderator) and my own observations over several years of trading. I WILL be considering this when looking at trades. This is not necessarily a list of what I want, just at what I value things. I do value lineages I specifically need more than base value.

I do consider IOUs. You can PM me on the forum to ask about this option. Please click the link just below this to open specific policies about which IOUs I will accept.

*IMPORTANT*: If you do not pick up your egg/hatchling within 48 hours, I will consider my side of the IOU fulfilled and will dispose of the egg however I see fit. If I see you online or have posted after I contact you, I reserve the right to reduce this to 24 hours if you don't at least contact me. Don't just ignore my message so that you can force me to get the egg to incuhatchable. Basically, talk to me. If I send your IOU, and you are locked with hard-to-get things, I'm going to be a lot more understanding if you just message me and explain than if you let it sit there forever with no contact. Note: I won't send during a holiday event/new release (unless the IOU is for holiday/new release breeds, of course). Full inbox is no excuse. Either add your email for forum email contact or manage your inbox.

Unless otherwise noted, all mates need to continue a checker pattern.

I hate that I actually have to put this, but after getting a snarky PM from someone whose offer I rejected, I have to. Please use common sense when offering. If what I have is a rare or harder to come by outcome, and you are offering me a common/easy-to-breed outcome 7 day egg, I'll likely reject unless it's specifically what I asked for. Just because it is on my wishlist doesn't mean I will accept it if it is not at least close to an equal trade. If in doubt, PM me first before you breed. I'll happily answer any polite email.

Other Things I Like

  • Purebred (non-inbred) Thuweds (i.e. every base dragon is a Thuwed)
  • Pretty checkers to silvers or golds (no higher than 3rd gen, please, unless on my lined wishlist)
  • Spriter alt based even gens

What I can Offer You
Prize Lineages

Holiday Lineages

Metal Checker Lineages

Non-Metal Checker Lineages

Other Lineages

Other Things

  • 2G Avatars (female or male GoN)
  • Any 2G combination other than holidays before solstice
  • I'm good at catching gold wyverns, seasonals, trios, unbreedables, stripes, xenos, and nebulas in the caves.
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